2022 / mixed-media installation / in collaboration with Art Press & Turf Projects
Conceived as a response to the global pandemic, ‘Alphabet’ is a collaborative project between Alyona Larionova and Croydon’s youth collective, Art Press. The project investigates the impact of social isolation on young people and provides them with a platform to weave their own stories into global narratives of climate change and the pandemic, among others.  ‘Alphabet’ experiments with new ways of art- and exhibition-making as we slowly emerge into physical relationships and begin rebuilding our communities. Both process and outcome pose a fundamental question: how do we restart and what does ‘restarting’ look like, as a community, society, culture? Parallel to the physical exhibition at Turf Projects, the work is available online. The audio works are captioned to offer wider access and challenge the stylistic modes in which we are accustomed to ‘hearing’ sound works.