16 mins / 2022 / audio play

The play ‘Pioneers’ tells the story of two teenage sisters, who find shelter in a small room until their escape can be mapped. As outside dangers press in on them, they tape the windows and block the door. The Big Sister’s plan is to piece together the story of all stories – an ultimate ur-tale. This tale begins well before the dawn of history inside the throat of a creature, just as language is acquired. Through the eyes of this creature, they witness the birth of a Hero and the start of his journey of conquest across the world. The story is set to culminate in the sisters’ release from the Hero’s stories by means of future technology, or so the Big Sister hopes. But she’s unable to finish the story. The story’s end lies outside the well-trodden narrative path.


Directed by: Alyona Larionova
Story by: Alyona Larionova in collaboration with Caleb Klaces
Script editor: Margaret Glover
Sound design & Mix: Udit Duseja
Cast: Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness, Skyla Khamjani-Wilson
Casting: HMW Casting
Supported by Arts Council England Project Grant & Turf Projects, London