HD Video and CGI
14 mins 05 secs

A hybrid documentary film that explores control and dependence as Kazakh berkutchi (eagle-hunter) attempts to tame his wild eagle, Sadak.

In a world, in which the flow of people and data has become exceedingly complex to grasp, Staying With the Trouble (a title that Donna Haraway has kindly gave me permission to use) turns to the unsung sense of touch - the one that we depend the most and talk about the least. It reinstates touch as a primary moral experience of the world, revealing the underlying power dynamics that define us. This film invites to pay attention in the sense that attention requires knowing how to resist the temptation to separate what must be taken into account and what may be neglected.

The centuries’ old tradition of berkutchi finds a new meaning in the film - it is unearthed as a prism through which we can approach anew the world underscored by two polarizing viewpoints: crisis of borders and a state of digital hyper connectivity.

Written, Directed and Produced by: Alyona Larionova
Director of Photography: Vladimir Ushakov
Sound Recording: Dmitry Boyarin, Anastassiya Samoilova
Sound Design & Mix: Pablo Valverde
Music: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Animation: Maria Margarita J. Moyano, Julian Perez
Voice: Tariye Peterside
Cast: Maria Fillipova, Anna Ermolaeva, Ilia Miloshevich, Eugenie Markov, Anastasya Morgun
Make-up: Valentina Eliseeva
Colorist: Alex Grigoras
Assistant camera: Ilya Podgurskiy

Special thanks to: Berkutchi, Vladimir Zemblevskiy and his eagle Sadak, Judo School Sambo-70