2020 - 
Film / installation / poem

Forgive me for I have seen / what language can do to a body / in the moment it starts to collapse / and reveal its bloody beginnings  / a word on the tip of my tongue / a word on the nape of your neck / when I hear you talk / I ingest / I inhale your germs and your lingo / of contempt, extinction, collapse / to praise

I set the world on fire / the word is on fire, you say / look, the pages are in flames / good for you / you owned it / you nailed it/ you smashed it / you killed it/ but the audience, I try / a target audience / the state we live in / a battleground state

and just like that it dawns on me / the smoke / real / my eyes / water / blinded / not now / not at the dinner table / let’s change the subject / let’s talk about something else / something cheerful / the rainbow you saw on your way / today’s red / tomorrow’s orange / let’s pray for the yellow / alert